Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Stinky Tale

Once upon a time there was a little boy who was old enough to be potty trained. However, when the time was right, Mommy was in the middle of nursing school and also expecting a baby, so she put off training for a few months. After having the baby and graduating as a LPN, the time was still right to potty train, so Mommy started the daunting task. However, she soon found out she was expecting again, and this time, her energy levels were poor. But she still started the potty training, and made some progress. Then she fell on the ice and fractured her right elbow. Unable to move her right arm, potty training was again put on hold. Weeks passed and her arm was finally useable again. However, by this time, Mommy had her first job as an LPN and was very tired from expecting baby #4. So, potty training was off and on for several months. By this time, the little boy lost interest in pottying. The diaper was easier to use. However, when the little boy turned 3, Mommy talked him into being a "big kid" and tried harder than ever. But because she was so great with child, the task was more difficult than ever. Now that baby #4 is here, Mommy has 3 boys in diapers. Because money talks (about $60 a month in diapers) Mommy is VERY motivated to finish this stinky task. Now the baby brother is 18 months old, and when Mommy says "Potty time" he often starts running to the bathroom. So...who will be potty trained first? 3 1/2 year old big brother, or 18 month old little brother? Or should Mommy wait until 6 week old baby brother is ready and just train them all together?..........Naaah.


Tales of the Kiberts said...

Hey Lizarella, thanks for inviting me to your blog, I love seeing your family.

The Salisburys said...

Hey Liz!
I just found your blog! I didn't know you had your little one! He is a cutie! We have a Maybe you found it already!:) Good to know you have a blog!stril

Jen Oettinger said...

Just give them cold showers! That's what worked for me! One cold shower and they never peed their pants again!

Sarah said...

Hey Liz! Just came across your blog. Maybe we can keep up with each other better HA! Have a good Thanksgiving. You all happen to be coming to Michigan? Talk with ya later!
Love ya,

Life with the Crowls said...

Hi eric and Liz i just found your blog your kids are so cute hope to see you all sometime soon

bekah said...

LIZZY!!! I'm so siked I found you. This is Rebekah from UBC. I now live in northern ny with my 2 kiddies and hubby - of course. I'm an rn at the hospital and nursing home. Congrats on your medical career. I bet you're an awesome nurse. My e-mail is Contact me.

Angie Davis said...

Don't be discouraged, Liz! Kent was potty trained a couple weeks before he turned 4 and we all lived. :o)

Just found your blog!